Customers can now enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to pay bills online, order pay per views, upgrade services and so much more!

With YELCOT cable television, we have options for everyone! From basic cable to movie channels, choose which channels fit you and your family best! See our options and pricing below:


Basic Cable $25.95/month
Expanded Cable $49.00/month
Family & Information Package $10.95/month
Sports & More Package $10.95/month
HBO Suite $18.00/month
Showtime Suite $16.00/month
STARZ Suite $9.00/month
Cinemax Suite $11.00/month
Movie & Arts $9.00/month


Additional Fees:
Installation Fee $20.00
DTA Receiver $1.50/month
Standard Digital Receiver $8.00/month
TiVo T6 Six Tuner DVR $20.00/month
2 Tuner Digital DVR $15.00/month
TiVo Premiere Quad Tuner DVR $17.00/month
TiVo Mini Companion $7.00/month
TiVo Stream $5.00/month



DISCLAIMER: All services subject to availability. Contact your local Yelcot office for information on your personal address.


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